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Thursday, July 24, 2014


This publication is one of the most unique collection of the experiences earned by Nida Shams –Founder of World Comics Network-Pakistan, during several workshops conducted by her in the country .This anthology is a result of a month long workshop conducted in Karachi Women’s Jail encompassing   their unique individual experiences in jail some humorous, some gloomy .Given comics in this anthology speak of the lives of women prisoners in Karachi women jail in their own language. However it was not as simple to take pen and paper in jail and motivate inmates to share their painful stories and then ask them to make comics on the same. These women were mothers, daughters and sisters but not a free citizen and lodged here for several months and even years.  We had participants of every age and even children of these inmates too took part in it.
While the work on this book was going on few of them were released from the jail but not everyone was so lucky. This workshop helped them to tell their part of the story in the form of these comics. However we are not reproducing them as an authentic statement to be used for their trial but these are simple individual voices and must be read only in that light.
There lives a few stories behind the bar- which are documented in comics form here to let the outside world understand the plight of these women. This 36- page black and white comics anthology in Urdu (having English translation) has been authored by Nida Shams.
These black and white lines are powerful examples of self-expression and in recent years grassroots comics has been successful in reaching to the people who need it the most.
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  2. very interesting :D hope you like my comic blog and subscribe on this :D

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