World Comics Network - Pakistan a group who love peace and comics. Yes Comics! You must be thinking what is the connection between peace and comics? The bond between two is the grassroots approach introduced by World Comics to Pakistan. A numbers of activists, students, teachers and artists have already tried this tool called Grassroots Comics in Pakistan and journey is on...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Comics Power- A tool for Democracy by Sidra Rizvi

I first met Nida Shams when I signed up for the Grassroots Comics workshop held in my university last year. Little did i know that this workshop will change my life completely. I always been horrible at drawing, and i always wanted to draw, Comics Power, gave me the opportunity to draw all the while expressing myself. For more

Monday, July 11, 2011


Please join us where ever you are, whoever you are!
Each one of us can help someo
ne to tell their story in COMICS.
Once it is ready please do upload your comics (and picture too, if possible) at "Comics Power" facebook group.

Waiting for your 4-panel comics !!!

Being a Girl in Karachi - Grassroots Comics Workshop

World Comics Network has organised several grassroots comics workshop on women issues and now we are organsing another round of workshops on the theme ‘Being a Girl in Karachi’. These workshops are attending by girls of Karachi. What it means to be a girl in Karachi and how they deal with daily life issues. Participants are making comics wall posters on their real life incident.

Comics Training at Beauty Parlour!

Geeta, Asha and Pauline after attending a comics workshop at Maripur (Karachi) got inspired by the idea of Grassroots Comics. Recently all three came together and organised a comics workshop at Geeta's Beauty Parlour. Congratulations All three of you !!!!

Farozan June 2011: Comics on World Environment Day, 'Forests: Nature at Your Service' by Shabana Shamim and M.Alam Keerio

Girls depict harassment through comics - THE NEWS

Here is the link - THE NEWS