World Comics Network - Pakistan a group who love peace and comics. Yes Comics! You must be thinking what is the connection between peace and comics? The bond between two is the grassroots approach introduced by World Comics to Pakistan. A numbers of activists, students, teachers and artists have already tried this tool called Grassroots Comics in Pakistan and journey is on...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being a Girl in Karachi - Grassroots Comics Workshop

The second workshop of the series 'Being a Girl in Karachi' was organised successfully on 14th july 2011 at Mauripur when Karachi city was burning. Hats off to Ms.Pauline John who conducted this workshop and all the girls who participated bravely. Workshop was organsied in collaboration with Future in our Hands.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coming up comics news from Mirpurkhas, Maripur and lots more.....

COMICS POWER stall at "Jago or Jagao session" 31st July - Arts Council Karachi

Comics allow freedom of expression - THE NEWS

A three-day comic workshop on tolerance came to an end on Friday as participants drew black and white strips, narrating their stories and highlighting certain issues. Read more...


A 3-Day Grassroots comics workshop was organized by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in collaboration with World Comics Network. Training was held from 20-22 July from 20-22 July 2011at Karachi office of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

The 30 participants of the workshop hailed from Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities. They were students, teachers and activists.

The objective of workshop was to inculcate importance of ‘Tolerance’ in Pakistani society. To enhance communication between different communities grassroots comics workshops can provide opportunities to promote dialogue, tolerance and peaceful co-existence in the society.

During three days, participants successfully made comics wall posters on their stories with a message of ‘Tolerance’. Workshop was successfully concluded with the exhibitions of comics wall poster and certificate distribution.


Farozaan ( july issue) magazine on environment- Comics by Noor Jahan from Kashmir and Rmsha from Kakapeer.