World Comics Network - Pakistan a group who love peace and comics. Yes Comics! You must be thinking what is the connection between peace and comics? The bond between two is the grassroots approach introduced by World Comics to Pakistan. A numbers of activists, students, teachers and artists have already tried this tool called Grassroots Comics in Pakistan and journey is on...

Monday, November 14, 2011

TOLERANCE – RAWADARI : second comics anthology of Pakistan is available now.

This book is a compilation of wall-poster comics drawn by ordinary people. These comics were produced during a three-day grassroots comics workshop organized by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and World Comics Network – Pakistan (WCN–P) in Karachi.

The theme for the workshop was the need for tolerance. This was a most appropriate issue for a group activity involving people from diverse backgrounds, religions and different age groups. The workshop was held in the belief that knowing more about others can help reduce mistrust and break stereotypical conceptions, as well as promote tolerance and respect for others.

These objectives may sound serious and one could say it is not a child’s play. But we believe that one can find simple solutions for complex problems.

At the workshop we tried to communicate through simple story telling. Participants from different religious background and age group shared their personal stories on the issue of tolerance. Each one of them made comics on their personal experience while following different faiths.

The book was compiled by Ms. Nida Shams, founder WCN-P and has foreword by Mr. I.A. Rehman, Secretary-General HRCP. Published by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Nida Shams

Karachi, Pakistan

Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming up trainings, booklets and lots more

Comics Journalism - 6 months Diploma Course

Those who wants to apply for diploma course, do write to us an email for details. (email id available at website)

Comics Journalist: Azmeena Alidina, Karachi (Pakistan)

Just click on Video

2-Day Master Trainers Workshop - Karachi

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being a Girl in Karachi - Grassroots Comics Workshop

The second workshop of the series 'Being a Girl in Karachi' was organised successfully on 14th july 2011 at Mauripur when Karachi city was burning. Hats off to Ms.Pauline John who conducted this workshop and all the girls who participated bravely. Workshop was organsied in collaboration with Future in our Hands.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coming up comics news from Mirpurkhas, Maripur and lots more.....

COMICS POWER stall at "Jago or Jagao session" 31st July - Arts Council Karachi

Comics allow freedom of expression - THE NEWS

A three-day comic workshop on tolerance came to an end on Friday as participants drew black and white strips, narrating their stories and highlighting certain issues. Read more...


A 3-Day Grassroots comics workshop was organized by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in collaboration with World Comics Network. Training was held from 20-22 July from 20-22 July 2011at Karachi office of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

The 30 participants of the workshop hailed from Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities. They were students, teachers and activists.

The objective of workshop was to inculcate importance of ‘Tolerance’ in Pakistani society. To enhance communication between different communities grassroots comics workshops can provide opportunities to promote dialogue, tolerance and peaceful co-existence in the society.

During three days, participants successfully made comics wall posters on their stories with a message of ‘Tolerance’. Workshop was successfully concluded with the exhibitions of comics wall poster and certificate distribution.


Farozaan ( july issue) magazine on environment- Comics by Noor Jahan from Kashmir and Rmsha from Kakapeer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Comics Power- A tool for Democracy by Sidra Rizvi

I first met Nida Shams when I signed up for the Grassroots Comics workshop held in my university last year. Little did i know that this workshop will change my life completely. I always been horrible at drawing, and i always wanted to draw, Comics Power, gave me the opportunity to draw all the while expressing myself. For more

Monday, July 11, 2011


Please join us where ever you are, whoever you are!
Each one of us can help someo
ne to tell their story in COMICS.
Once it is ready please do upload your comics (and picture too, if possible) at "Comics Power" facebook group.

Waiting for your 4-panel comics !!!

Being a Girl in Karachi - Grassroots Comics Workshop

World Comics Network has organised several grassroots comics workshop on women issues and now we are organsing another round of workshops on the theme ‘Being a Girl in Karachi’. These workshops are attending by girls of Karachi. What it means to be a girl in Karachi and how they deal with daily life issues. Participants are making comics wall posters on their real life incident.

Comics Training at Beauty Parlour!

Geeta, Asha and Pauline after attending a comics workshop at Maripur (Karachi) got inspired by the idea of Grassroots Comics. Recently all three came together and organised a comics workshop at Geeta's Beauty Parlour. Congratulations All three of you !!!!

Farozan June 2011: Comics on World Environment Day, 'Forests: Nature at Your Service' by Shabana Shamim and M.Alam Keerio

Girls depict harassment through comics - THE NEWS

Here is the link - THE NEWS

Friday, May 20, 2011

Aman Ki Asha - The News

Review Session & ToT with Youth Group- 3rd April 2011

Panah !

World Comics Network - Pakistan conducted a 4 day grassroots comics workshop at the Panah shelter home from 15 - 18 March in Karachi. Around 30 homeless women living in the shelter home participated in the workshop most of them being illiterate. Wall poster comics were made on their personal life stories which included issues like early marriages, child labour, forced marriages, child abuse and divorces. The workshop was conducted by Nida Shams, Azmeena Alidina and a new set of trainers including Tehmina Qureshi, Sidra Ghufran, Nasrah Rabab and Basma Siddiqui .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Future in Our Hands !

Comics Power reached Maripur, Karachi ! 3-day Grassroots Comics workshop organized by Future in Our Hands Pakistan in collaboration with World Comics Network – Pakistan and Participatory Village Development Programme (PVDP) from 23- 25 March, 2011. Workshop was attended by 34 young participants.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The book “Communalism Explained ! –a graphic account”

'Communalism Explained!- A Graphic Account' is a book that illustrates in the form of graphics the phenomenon of communalism in India co-authored by Ram Punyani and Sharad Sharma. For more please join Face Book page Communalism Explained

New edition of "Comics For All" newspaper is available now !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Media Post - Grassroots Comics

Media Post-December 2011: Students of Mass Communication Department introduced the grassroots comics showing the situation of local buses in Karachi. Media Post is a biannual magazine issued by the students of the Department of Mass Communication of Karachi University. The magazine caters to the academic needs of the students adding something that effects them on a one-on-one level. Idea of Grassroots comics was introduced during Trainers Workshop on Grassroots Comics at the department. Attended by 20 students and conducted by Nida Shams.

Comics By Sudrish Khan and Ema Anis

Indo-Pak Video Conference

We had a very interesting video conference on 13 March 2011 between India and Pakistan comics trainers and creators. We exchanged many interesting ideas and experiences of workshops and grassroots comics. Nida Shams led the team of Pakistan which soon going to organise a series of workshops with new trainers.

Farozaan Magazine (March -2011) on World Water Day- Comics by Ishrat Jahan and Fozia Khan

Farozaan (Feb -2011) - Comics by Anum Saleem and Sarah Naz

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Farozaan (Jan -2011)

Farozaan (Jan -2011) - Comics by Mehmooda Naz and Moosa Laghari